GCT provides software programming directly to clients in China and Taiwan and outsources programming to the West through its affiliates, Metasourcesystems, Inc. in the US and Digilogic in the UK.

We use highly trained professional programmers mainly located in the scenic city of Hefei China. Our office is located in Hefei mainly because this is the location of the best computer science school in all of China and thus gives the Company an excellent source of top quality programmers trained in the latest techniques and on the latest platforms. See Skills for more information on the skills that these programmers have.

In particular, we are well suited to do any project involving database, C++, Java, or web work. We have extensive experience in these disciplines. We simply do not believe that anyone can be our value proposition of such high quality work at such a competitive price.

For work outside this sweet spot of skills, we turn to our strategic alliance with a consortium of 45 software companies with over 5000 programmers. This strategic alliance gives us access to a virtual cornucopia of talent in many disciplines and gives us access to a large pool of programmers should the project require it.



Statistics still show that 70% of people find out about a website through using a search engine. Thus, optimizing a website to ensure that it ranks highly in search engines is a top marketing priority.

GCT has a team of highly trained SEO specialists mainly in our Taichung, Taiwan office. They can optimize a site in both English (American and British) and Chinese (traditional and simplified). This unique ability is critical to many companies that operate sites in both languages and in the four main "dialects" of the two languages.

We work closely with the client to design, implement, and monitor the placement of the site in the search engines. This is a highly cost effective method of marketing that is often overlooked.

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We have teams of dedicated graphic professionals in China and Taiwan who can professionally design your project whether it is print, web, or even collateral. We have deep experience in the interactive media and magazine areas, in particular.



Probably the most efficient marketing tool today is the use of email as a direct marketing tool. Not spam but the highly focused cost effective use of email. This can take the form of direct mail or an email letter to maintain presence and increase value to your customers. We maintain a high efficiency email serving product that can significantly increase profitability. Please note that we do not allow spam.



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