Greater China Technology, Inc. (GCT) is a global company focused on providing exceptional software programming at a modest price to Western clients, exporting US software to China, and operating Internet businesses in China.

The group is comprised of subsidiaries in Taiwan, China, and the United States, as well as alliances and affiliations with entities in the United Kingdom and Switzerland. The company has about 50 employees, mainly computer and graphic professionals in Taiwan and China.

GCT has been developing its own web sites in the Chinese language as well as developing web sites of others through its outsourcing services from China. It additionally performs design services and web positioning support from several of its locations for both English language and Chinese (traditional and simplified) character sites.

In addition to its own direct resources, Greater China Technology has a strategic alliance with a consortium of 45 Chinese programming houses with over 5000 software developers. This allows wholesale export services to China companies. The alliance is available for both large-scale projects as well as some of the more esoteric and arcane coding requirements as well as large scale projects, which cannot be readily supplied by GCT's dedicated resources.

While most of the current, state-of-the-art skills are resident in GCT, GCT recognizes the need to keep these skills sharp and practice. As such, GCT as consciously elected to only focus on the skill sets that it is able to keep honed and thereby challenging and satisfying its technical talent. However, given the large breadth of requirements that its clients may have, GCT can provide support for just about any technical need through its relationships in China.

Technical programming outsourcing has been a growing process over the last several years, gaining awareness and its credibility with the successful implementation as a solution in the Y2K preparation. GCT has studied these successful models and has recognized that there are areas where it should compete and others that are best served by some of the more well-known suppliers of these services.

GCT has developed a methodology that it believes capitalizes on the skill-sets and work styles of its talents. The project scope and designs are defined with the clients by culturally aligned project managers/designers that GCT has available in the markets that it supports. There are bi-cultural project managers and team leaders in China that serve to coordinate the projects in China. GCT has its own proprietary information and project management tool that functions in conjunction with traditional project management methodology to support the tracking and management of the outsourced activities.

The actual programming staff have been thoroughly trained in the methodology and approach that GCT deploys and have successfully delivered high-quality tested code.



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